Wednesday, October 31, 2012

As of October 31, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-10-31 at 10.18.26 PM

One thing I hate is talking to people that trade stocks and they never, ever will show you the bottom line. The P/L or the Profit and Loss statement. I do not post here enough but here it is as of October 2012. I’m down $1365.94 for the year which irritates me a bit but I have to keep reminding myself that playing individual stocks is hard. If it was as easy as some people make in sound, then why won’t they show you the P/L or quit their day job? Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

I will keep plugging away until I find my groove and when I do, believe me, you will hear and read about it. I’m close, discipline, discipline, discipline.

Sometimes things just workout

Do you see that little green note on the stock chart above? That's a note I made on the chart Friday, October26th that price fell below my CBL by the close of the day and it needed to be sold. Monday and Tuesday the makets were closed because of Hurricane Sandy. Come the opening today and PVH was up 20% on news. Do I care what news? Nope, sold that puppy for a 12.61% profit after commissions. What a turn around. I was down about 5-6% and now I was dancing in the streets. 

Just goes to show, sometimes even I get lucky in the stock market. I think I've earned it after all the hard work I do trying to figure this stuff out.

Ok party is over, back to the markets. :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Are you better off?

Ok, I hate politics but I keep hearing this question over and over again and instead of listening to all the crap that each politician puts on TV I decided to just check the charts of the stock market. What the charts below show is the first 4 years of President Bush and then the first 4 years of President Obama. All I can say is a picture is worth a thousand words. I realize that not everyone plays the stock market but in a round about way the stock affects everyone.



Sunday, September 2, 2012

A few more stocks to watch next week.


Deck has met all the rules for a buy, but right now it consolidating price. If price breaks closes above $49.94, then I would buy this again. Notes on the chart.


I currently have a position in DMND. If price can create a higher pivot low above $18.50, I would buy again. Personally I cannot re-purchase this stock until it gets above my original purchase point, which is marked by a green dotted line, because I will buy more of a stock until it becomes a winner. I’m currently 5% down in this stock, but it still looks good to today.


EXK is sitting at the opening gate and ready for takeoff. With that said it has pullback below the red downtrend several times, so wait for it, do not jump until price tells you to. Stoploss and Max Chase is also marked on the chart.


HD is a classic Bull Flag and I would buy on the breakout to upside. If she falls out of the bottom, lookout below.


LVS is looking like it might fall into the failed breakout category, but it still has time to create a higher pivot low. If you own, make sure your stoploss is honored.


UA another classic Bullflag.

Saturday, September 1, 2012



I already bought and sold this for a small profit. Read the notes on the chart because this is back in watch list.

CAB watch


Notes on the Chart, but waiting for something to happen.



Still has not broken the downtrend line. Price is still below both 50 day moving averages, EXP & Simple. Using the the Count Back Line approach, price would need to close above $6.24 before I would buy ATML.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Best month YTD !!

It's not often when I'm dealing with buying and selling indiviual stocks that I can sing something good is happening, but August was my best month of the year. My liitle account is not worth much at the moment, but it is growing monthly because I'm feeding it new monies. When I paid cash for that car last March, it kind of drained my trading funds. This month I made $400 to put in my pocket which is good by my standards. I know the guys who do this for a living and trade big bucks, this is chump change, but I do this now educating myself for the next phase in my life when I retire. So yearly, I'm down $849 which is a little depressing, but nothing I cannot overcome. I'm self taught via books, internet, and following the reading of some traders online. 

One more note. I may be down year to date trading individual stocks, but my retirement account is up over 13% for the year. I monitor that as close if not closer than my stock trading. Yes, I move money in an out of different funds throughout the year and this year I have made 8 moves. 

My current stock positions are DMND, FBHS, LULU, MDAS, and PLCM. I'm up on 2 out of 5 currently and the only back breaker at the moment is DMND. I'm currently down 5.8% if I was to close this position right now. My stoploss on the stock is $18.50 and current price is $19.67. Overall the current movement in the stock is sideways and still meets all my requirements, so I will continue to hold this. PLCM looks a little shakey at this time, but I still like it. All other positions look good and I will hold them all over the weekend. 

No trading Monday in the US because of Labor Day Holiday, so Tuesday we get back at it. My current watch list and holdings are below.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bad day in the market and I'll show you mine.

What I like or love about most people that trade stocks is that they always tell you how much they are making or how great their last trade was but never show you. If you really want to cut to the chase with these hero's, ask them one simple question and that normally ends the conversation. Can I see your profit and loss statement year to date? Most will give you a deer in the headlight look to which you just smile and walk away. Without that data, it's just words. 

Today the stock market was down .8 to 1 % on most indexes. Since those indexes are made up of several stocks, it doesn't seem so bad. So when you own individual stocks, it sometimes can get brutal. The 5 stocks that I show above are all owned by me and they were all down. The range was .5 to 4.3%. Ouch! I really only had one stock get pounded into the ground and that was DMND down 4.3%. The rest were 1.5% or less. 

As you click those stocks above you will see a green dotted line which represents my entry price and then a solid red line with a flag showing my trailing stop. None were hit today and I can only hope that this is just a temporary selloff that will rebound tomorrow. I was just starting to digout of my last hole, so I would like to keep that going. The one thing that has me concerned is that the Dow30 and Transportation are starting to tank and that could be a sign of things to come in the very near future. Oh, we also have Uncle Ben speaking tomorrow. I expect that he'll do nothing and I expect that we might have another selloff because of that. 

Below is a chart of the S&P500 and it is starting to show signs a warning is warranted. I use a Count Back Line to help me take the emotion out selling stocks because my discipline is not always the best. But when it comes to my retirment money, I like to stay on top of things. You will see below that we are approaching my first warning level and that is the Count Back Line in Red. Price is stll above both the Exponential and Simple moving averages and both averages are still rising. Lastly, price is also above the current green uptrend line. I would have to see price close below the 50's and break the the uptrend line before I would pull my retirement money out of this current market uptrend. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

APKT Breakout

APKT is sqwaking buy me today breakout out of my Count Back Line, Downtrend line, and above the 50 day moving average. I'm out of funds and I do not want to sell my current positons. :(

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bought a couple more today.

Today I purchased a couple more stocks and that pretty much taps me out until I close a position. Below you will find 2 charts with all the details on the charts. Once again, I found both of these stock ideas from following the guys at Have all intentions of joining their page so I can expand my horizons.

Took a profit and bought 2

Ok, I totally chickened out of CTRP and put it on my radar to watch for now. I made a grand total of $14, but it just look suspicious and I felt better with my capitol back in my account. If it tanks then I was right and justified and if I'm wrong, it is money I never had, so once again none of my money lost. 

Today I did as I said I would do and re-entered DMND. I also bought LULU. On the charts below you will see a green dotted line showing my entry price and it lines up with the day purchased. All the other lines have notes and are self explained. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Last one till next week.

Ok, this one I was actually waiting for the breakout and it was on ChessNwine watch list. I do not trade for a living and like you hear some golfers say, I'm a hack. But with that said, I feel if I actually gave myself the time to do this once retired, I could do it fairly well. I manage not to lose to much money year over year and for the most part tread water. That is not my goal. My goal is to make money to entertain my self and mind. I really do not care if I'm rich, but like most things that I do, I want to be good at it. 


I wanted to hang around the house and see what this stock was going to do, but I had some errands, like changing the oil that just had to be done. I was 2.5 hours behind the breakout on this one and I bought near the high of the day. I guess this is better than 2 days behind, as I normally do. :) The 50 day ma's are rising and we have a prior breakout out af a long consolidation along with a breakout of current consolidation. What kills me is what I show you next.
Above is the 10 minute chart. I moved some key information from the daily chat so you could closely see breakout, purchase price and then the end of day selling. Kind of a disappointment to see that right after pulling the trigger, but my stoploss is set just below the last consolidation channel.

One of my current postions

On the 23rd of August and also via Ibankcoin, I purchased CTRP. Once again, they are in and out and I'm still holding the bag. I do have rules, I just do not always follow them and sometimes my emotion override common sense based on all that I have read in books and on the Internet. On this transaction the only mistake that I feel that I made was being late into the trade. The second mistake I might make and based on the stock movment Friday, is moving that stoploss in pretty tight. I guess I would be more tolerant this time if I had entered on the breakout day between $14.92 and $15.43. I on the otherhand got in at $16.31, really small position and then again same day, at $16.71. So my stoploss is tight. Currently in the money with a 3% gain. 



If your reading this for the first time and are even thinking about getting in, I would wait. I would wait for another pivot low and I would not purchase above $17.48 until we have that lower pivot. Right now it looks like there is more of a chance of profit taking, than another surge up.

Deck, successful trade and watch

Deck was another stock that I found through Ibankcoin and this turned out well for me. I do not remember their entry or exit, but once again I was behind them. As you can see on the chart, I entered after my first green count back line was broken and even though not shown, the downtrend was barely broken. I set my intial stoploss @ $44.33. Once Deck hit it's current high of $51.65, I moved my stoploss to $46.20. That put me in the money unless it opened prior to the markets opening below my entry point. For some reason that I do not completley remember, I moved that stoploss extremly close and took a profit at $49.75. I'm pretty sure it had to do with the markts sounding and looking negative and the second fact that the Fly had already closed his position. I'm happy with the profit. 
Now to me, it looks like Deck is creating a Bullflag, so it is in my watch list to re-purchase. I would like to see it fall a day or two further so my count back line for re-entry would move down below the current high. Right now, by my rules, I would need a breakout through $51.65 before I could buy. 

Diamond - DMND

Now to explain my entry / Exit and now why I want to re-enter.

Once again, I found this lead from Ibankcoin and it was selected by the Fly. I cannot take any credit in finding this stock, nor did I follow his entry and exit. I have my own rules, but he and his team are trained professionals and I'm still a dweeb learning the craft / discpline. If I read everthing correctly, Fly and his group purchased while the last consolidation started to break uphill, prior to my Count back line GREEN line that is one of my signals to buy. The second thing thing I would need to see is the downtrend line broken. Lastly is the price closing above the 50 day moving average in light blue. 

The Fly and Ibankcoin traders were selling their positions where I marked it, " I read about it here", and this is where I finally felt comfortable buying. So I was way behind their entrys and exits. The next day I purchased DMND at $20.36 and set a stoploss order @ $19.49 just in case I was terribly wrong. My position lasted just 24 hours and I was bounced out for a 6% loss. I think my stoploss was a little tight, but my tolerance, so my stoploss. I have enough problems with discipline now, to start worrying about stoploss being to tight. Now to part 2.

So seeing that DMND is now making higher highs and higher lows, I should have never set my stoploss so close and I should still own this stock. So come Monday as long as the markets are not tanking, I will likely re-purchase DMND and set my stop loss per the chart above. The last two trades that I used information from IBankCoin made me $132. Just another $227 to go in profit and I will join their membership. I feel if I'm reading and learning from their site then I should at least pay them for the services they provide. I guess you could say why not ride it for free? Well, I want to learn more so I can do this for me when I retire. I'm a big fan of ChessNwine on the same page, so I recommend reading. 

Took some profits.

I held my long position in the S&P500 for 78 days but I just got the feeling that things this week were doing more than just consolidating so I decided to go ahead and take my little profit. As with the S&P, I also held a position in the Small Cap for 53 days and even though I made just .30cents, I just wanted my capital back. I had watched these funds go in and out of profit so many times, I was exhuasted. 
To give credit where credit is due, I found this stock and or the timing to get in via As they were buying and selling, I was just getting in and holding based on my entry signals that are required for me. That position was DECK. I also bought DMND based on that same observation and then my rules to get in, but did not make any money on the second. My timing was bad on DMND. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Long time No Post.

Ok, my stock picking and playing skills have been a long hard road of success and some dreadful defeats. Those defeats can really put your total psyche into a tail spin. I have been so focused on my Retirement Account that in my opinion was affecting my stock picking and handling skills. So in July I basically put myself in a holding pattern. I decided that I spent so much time watching the S&P 500 and Small Cap that I might as well trade them. Well my first two plays worked out so bad that I put that on hold to. I think the downtime on watching any stocks at all and just watch my Retirement did me some good. So below you will see my damaged returnd for the year. It looks worse than it is, because if you see what I currently own and where they are, I'm working myself back to zero once again. One of these days I will iron this out.

I had no sales in July but I held UPRO for 72 days so far and I'm up $382.00. I am also still holding TNA for 47 days and I'm up $164.00. I made my first stock purchase in almost two months and I've own it 2 days and I'm up $253.00 and that is DECK. So I'm not that bad off but I also know that I can't count profit until I sell it. So this is a work in progress and I will never say never. I just have to find my sweet spot. I need to teach myself that taking a $50 profit is not a bad thing and sometimes I will do that waiting on that stock to run and it never does only to reverse to my stoploss.

Just remember folks, this is my play money that I will not cry over if I lose it but it would hurt my feelings. I'm still convinced that I can turn a profit on a regular bases in up and down markets, I just have to keep practicing. Below are my current holding as they show in my account at TD Ameritrade.

Friday, June 1, 2012

June is here and pow, what an opening day.

As of noon the markets are getting crushed with 1.7 to 2.4 percent down in several indexes. May was as bad if not worse than April. Me? I have not been that active as a trader because I was starting to get my lunch handed to me, so I took my medicine on 3 traders and moved on. I allowed myself to fall into that same stupid trap of believing that I was right and the market was wrong. I moved my stop loss orders from their positions and to give them more room. Then I moved them again and then I just turned them off. What a idiot. Those 3 trades cost me $700 bucks and one was a 31% loss. Come on man!

Ok, so here we are the beginning of June and scratched and clawed my way almost back to even as of today. Yes the markets are getting pounded, but I have finally found a comfortable way for me to make money when things get nasty. I follow the S&P500 and Small Cap as closely as possible so I thought, why not just trade it. So I did and my last 4 trades netted me $830, so I’m feeling a little better.

The moral of this story is, the market is always right and you must be disciplined. Come on man!!!!!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tomorrow I sell

Tomorrow I sell all my losers and short the market. It’s been while since I have updated my stock account, but I haven’t forgotten it. I’m down for the year. Sad smile

Friday, March 30, 2012

This pretty much sums up why I trade stocks.


Posted by Brian Lund in Trading and tagged with Day Trading, Risk Management, Stock Market,StockTwitsMarch 29, 2012

Elementary school can be a brutal place if you are not careful.  It’s not so much the possibility of being bullied, shunned, or made fun of as much as it is the fear of being “branded.”

Yes, this is the place where if you didn’t play your cards right, you could end up with a nickname that would scar you for life.

Enjoy your grilled cheese sandwich a little too much at lunch one day, well guess what….your new name is “cheese.”  You might as well just get it tattooed on your forehead because it is going to follow you wherever you go for at least the next 20 years.

This nightmare scenario became a reality for a guy I knew named Chris Stevens.  To be honest, Chris wasn’t really a friend of mine.  In LinkedIn terms he would have been considered a “2nd degree contact,” meaning I was acquainted with him, but really only hung out with him because one of my good friends was friends with him too.

Back in the 70′s they had this weird annual event called the Presidential Fitness Council Test, where elementary school kids would be tested to see how many push-ups, pull-ups, and “line straddles” they could do.  Arnold Schwarzenegger was even Chairman of the Council for a while.

The winners in each grade would get a medal and a certificate signed by the President. There were always a couple of pre-pubescent ├╝ber-athletes at each school that took it seriously, but most of the kids just sleepwalked through the process, doing enough of each exercise to be deemed respectable.

The test started out okay for Chris.  He got through the line straddles with a decent score and was able to post a reasonable amount of pull-ups.  But it all fell apart at the push-up mat.  He did seven.  Seven measly push-ups.  I still can’t figure it out to this day.  He wasn’t a weak or scrawny kid, but for some reason that was all he did…

I’m not a religious guy, but I will swear on a stack of Pumping Iron DVD’s that I never heard anyone call him “Chris” again after that.  He was simply known as “Seven.”

There was no committee meeting to decide it.  No decree from on high.  Just an instinctual understanding from all those who knew him that this numerical scarlet letter was to be his new and permanent moniker.

The transition through intermediate and high school did nothing to erase its hold.  Just like with Norm on Cheers, in any room he walked into, the occupants would simultaneously raise their heads and shout “Seven!”  And eventually, in some twisted linguistic derivation, the nickname ultimately just ended up morphing into “Sev!”

Sev was a solid guy, but not too smart and the one thing I remember about him (besides the push-ups), was how on one 4th of July he tried to pull a stunt that would have made the Jackass crew shudder.

We all had few packs of firecrackers, and like any normal young male pyromaniacs we were trying to see what the “coolest” thing we could do with them was.   One guy threw some in a hole, another put a few in a tin can, and still another chucked a whole lit pack into the air at once.

Sev thought he could do everybody one better, and decided he was going to light one and drop it in the gas tank of a car.  Like I said, Sev was not the brightest guy, and since I am actually writing this post you can infer that his plan did not work out, but it was one of the riskiest things I ever saw anybody do.

Risk is something that most people associate with trading.  In fact, to the public at large, you are often likely to get the response, “isn’t that risky,” when you tell them that you trade for a living.  However, I think that is one of the biggest myths about trading, and I assert that trading is no more risky than most other jobs.

When I ran my own business, on the first of each month, the moment I woke up I was 60K in the hole.  That meant that in order to just “keep the lights on” I had to generate 60K in revenue each month, even before taking a dime out for myself.  And every month that I decided to keep my company going, I had to take the risk that I would not meet my nut.

Trading has no operational costs (or very minimal ones), which makes the decision to pursue the endeavor a relatively risk free one.

“Yeah, but where else do you have the possibility of losing more money than you started the day with,” is the lame rebuttal I often hear.  Really…?  These people obviously have never run a business.   If one of my employees damaged a client’s merchandise or backed a truck into a parked car I could easily lose more money than I started the day with.

Trading has no operational risk.  No employee is going to hurt his back and jack your workman’s comp rates up.  No douche from OSHA  is going to unexpectedly show up at your office and tell you that you are not in compliance with a new law passed the previous week and are on the hook for a large fine.  And you are not going to have a piece of equipment go south on you that you have to drain your bank account to replace.

But that is only for business owners right? What if you do the “dance” by getting a four-year degree and going to work for a solid blue chip company?  Well in some ways that is one of the riskiest things you can do.  Now you have turned over the fate of your continued employment to some mid-level management asshats or fair weather board of directors. Take a look at how many people took that “safe” path to corporate security and got tossed out on their ear when the economy imploded in 2008.

Trading has no asshat risk.  Nobody will even come into your trading room and tell you that you are being downsized, or that the macrame conglomerate you work for is going out of business after 75 years because the board of directors couldn’t resist getting involved in arbitraging high risk CDO’s.

At the end of the day, trading is one of the rare businesses where ONLY YOU DECIDE THE AMOUNT OF RISK YOU ARE WILLING TO TAKE.

The reason that most people go off the rails and blow their account out is not because there is any outsized risk associated with trading, but because the barriers to entry are so low, they are able to jump in feet first without really knowing what they are doing (or they are a seasoned pro who lets their ego get the best of them).

Being a pro football QB is risky.  Being a firefighter is risky.  Being a jet fighter pilot is risky. But the average Joe can’t just jump into those positions without a shitload of training and without attaining a high level of competency.  And thus the risk is less for a Tom Brady, for a fire Captain, and for a Top Gun pilot.

Trading gets a bad rap due to the “Sydney or the bush” portrayal it has received in pop culture and OWS type propaganda.  It’s perception has been “Gekkoized.”  But in reality it may be one of the safest professions if you do it properly and make the choice to keep your ego in check.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekly update with my personal stocks.


This week I was stopped out of 3 positions that put me back in the hole for the year. LULU was unfortunate, because after I got stopped out, the next 2 days it went back up to where I would have been in the money. Ford I had on a automatic buy limit order and I will not do that again. TIBX, I just screwed up the initial stop order when I bought it and gave away $22.69.


My remaining positions are mostly in good shape except for Gild. I was going to wait until the 3rd day after the original bad news and then set my stop loss at the lowest point. That has been done and even though I do not like my risk, I have accepted the risk. Just to note I have at least 2 stop fail because news drove price before the market opened and took price below my stop loss order. One I let fire, and the other I paused for 3 days.

CAT is by far my best run and maybe if I’m lucky, it will be my longest and best in the end. KOG is getting off to a nice start and I can only hope that it will stretch it’s legs before it decides to rest or reverse. Lastly, UA was looking as if I was going to lose that position also, but Friday UA made a big upside move and almost in the stop loss money. I could close all positions now and end with a small profit. Not interested.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Rough time in a good market.


Individual stock trading is hard and it is always testing my patience. Since February 10th, I have gotten stopped out of 4 stocks, bought and sold one in 10 seconds because I screwed up an order, and then finally saw a $100 plus profit reverse overnight to a $50 loss. A 20% price drop over night because of news in one stock. Argh!! GILD !!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Made a few moves this week. 2/4/12


I bought GE January 5th late in the uptrend because I didn’t have any monies when the signal was fired. On January 10th, it stopped climbing and entered into a consolidation or Bullflag pattern. I decided Friday to take my little tiny profit, .95% or $9, sell into strength of the market, and invest in a stock that was breaking out. I also will keep GE in my watch list to see if it breaks out to the upside. If it does, I will re-purchase and ride the climb.


This is the replacement for GE. You will see that it was in the same Bull Flag that GE was in but Friday broke out. how can you not take this? I’m in at $16.71 with a $16.05 stop loss. This is a very slow moving stock that I have already made money on, so let’s hope that this is the next leg up.



Home Depot is another stock that was stuck in a Bull Flag and was not doing anything for me lately. I had a very nice gain in HD, so since I had another stock breaking out, I took my profit and invested somewhere else. I held HD for 48 days and made a 10% profit. I will also keep HD close and on a watch for a breakout to the upside.



LULU is my replacement for Home Depot. This stock actually broke out a few days back but I just didn’t feel at the time it was the right time to buy. So I’m about 8 days behind it but I still feel comfortable because my stop loss is tight just in case. LULU doesn’t report earnings until 3/15/12 so maybe I will get a little move before that point and I will not get crushed in case they miss. Either way I will ride the trend.


Still making money. Let’s see what happens we things turn nasty. This is where I know personally I need the most work. Shorting stocks is not fun and I do not have as much confidence playing that side, Yet!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

3 New stocks this week, and 1 out.

BACFirst up is Bank of America. After it reported earnings I decided I wanted this stock but finding an entry was hard. So I just decided on the 24th to make my entry and keep the trailing stop tight in case I was wrong and was going to be burned. One thing to take notice on this chart is the little blue dots under price. This is something I ‘m looking at that will give me a good trailing stop starting point in case I do not have a pivot low to build off of. Below is my risk numbers for BAC. .63% on total investment, that’s tight.

FNext is Ford. The earnings report on Ford hit Friday and it did not live up to expectation but overall it wasn’t that bad. But, sellers stepped in and drove price down well below my stop loss. I was forced to take a 3% profit and put Ford back in my watch list. I will be watching this stock closely next week because I want it back if it can reverse and create a new higher pivot low. I like Ford and I still think it is in the beginning of a long term uptrend.

GildNext up is GLID. I hate trying to find a entry point on stocks when they run like this. I missed the true entry which was December 27th – 29th and since that point nothing but uphill everyday. So what normally happens when I finally do pull the trigger on trends like this, is that I call the top and it reverses. I do not think I have gotten one of these right yet. With that knowledge, I should have just stepped aside, but instead I pulled the trigger Friday and put my stop loss order on what looked to me like the last resistance when it was broken. I have a .41% risk on entire portfolio and 3.36% risk on this one transaction. I feel pretty safe because of the small consolidation and breakout that I highlighted on the chart. Another thing that I know I shouldn’t do is buy right before earnings and GILD reports next Thursday 2/2/12. So if this transaction doesn’t pan out, who you gonna blame? Uh, me!!

SykLast is SYK. On a Weekly chart SYK is breakout right now and is going to give a buy signal Monday. On the daily chart I’m way behind the curve and should have bought this stock about the same time I should have GILD above. That’s ok, at least this time I’m buying after earnings and all I have to fear here is that price might give back some of the surge in price that happened the day of earning were reported. I waited one day after thinking there would be some profit taking, and there was, then on day two I was just looking for a little strength after the 10am point of the day. I pulled the trigger and set my stop loss order with a .3% overall risk and with a single transaction risk of 2.43%

Below you will find my current status for the year and like I always say, if they will not show you their true progress, walk away because you know they blowing smoke up your………