Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekly update with my personal stocks.


This week I was stopped out of 3 positions that put me back in the hole for the year. LULU was unfortunate, because after I got stopped out, the next 2 days it went back up to where I would have been in the money. Ford I had on a automatic buy limit order and I will not do that again. TIBX, I just screwed up the initial stop order when I bought it and gave away $22.69.


My remaining positions are mostly in good shape except for Gild. I was going to wait until the 3rd day after the original bad news and then set my stop loss at the lowest point. That has been done and even though I do not like my risk, I have accepted the risk. Just to note I have at least 2 stop fail because news drove price before the market opened and took price below my stop loss order. One I let fire, and the other I paused for 3 days.

CAT is by far my best run and maybe if I’m lucky, it will be my longest and best in the end. KOG is getting off to a nice start and I can only hope that it will stretch it’s legs before it decides to rest or reverse. Lastly, UA was looking as if I was going to lose that position also, but Friday UA made a big upside move and almost in the stop loss money. I could close all positions now and end with a small profit. Not interested.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Rough time in a good market.


Individual stock trading is hard and it is always testing my patience. Since February 10th, I have gotten stopped out of 4 stocks, bought and sold one in 10 seconds because I screwed up an order, and then finally saw a $100 plus profit reverse overnight to a $50 loss. A 20% price drop over night because of news in one stock. Argh!! GILD !!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Made a few moves this week. 2/4/12


I bought GE January 5th late in the uptrend because I didn’t have any monies when the signal was fired. On January 10th, it stopped climbing and entered into a consolidation or Bullflag pattern. I decided Friday to take my little tiny profit, .95% or $9, sell into strength of the market, and invest in a stock that was breaking out. I also will keep GE in my watch list to see if it breaks out to the upside. If it does, I will re-purchase and ride the climb.


This is the replacement for GE. You will see that it was in the same Bull Flag that GE was in but Friday broke out. how can you not take this? I’m in at $16.71 with a $16.05 stop loss. This is a very slow moving stock that I have already made money on, so let’s hope that this is the next leg up.



Home Depot is another stock that was stuck in a Bull Flag and was not doing anything for me lately. I had a very nice gain in HD, so since I had another stock breaking out, I took my profit and invested somewhere else. I held HD for 48 days and made a 10% profit. I will also keep HD close and on a watch for a breakout to the upside.



LULU is my replacement for Home Depot. This stock actually broke out a few days back but I just didn’t feel at the time it was the right time to buy. So I’m about 8 days behind it but I still feel comfortable because my stop loss is tight just in case. LULU doesn’t report earnings until 3/15/12 so maybe I will get a little move before that point and I will not get crushed in case they miss. Either way I will ride the trend.


Still making money. Let’s see what happens we things turn nasty. This is where I know personally I need the most work. Shorting stocks is not fun and I do not have as much confidence playing that side, Yet!