Saturday, August 18, 2012

Long time No Post.

Ok, my stock picking and playing skills have been a long hard road of success and some dreadful defeats. Those defeats can really put your total psyche into a tail spin. I have been so focused on my Retirement Account that in my opinion was affecting my stock picking and handling skills. So in July I basically put myself in a holding pattern. I decided that I spent so much time watching the S&P 500 and Small Cap that I might as well trade them. Well my first two plays worked out so bad that I put that on hold to. I think the downtime on watching any stocks at all and just watch my Retirement did me some good. So below you will see my damaged returnd for the year. It looks worse than it is, because if you see what I currently own and where they are, I'm working myself back to zero once again. One of these days I will iron this out.

I had no sales in July but I held UPRO for 72 days so far and I'm up $382.00. I am also still holding TNA for 47 days and I'm up $164.00. I made my first stock purchase in almost two months and I've own it 2 days and I'm up $253.00 and that is DECK. So I'm not that bad off but I also know that I can't count profit until I sell it. So this is a work in progress and I will never say never. I just have to find my sweet spot. I need to teach myself that taking a $50 profit is not a bad thing and sometimes I will do that waiting on that stock to run and it never does only to reverse to my stoploss.

Just remember folks, this is my play money that I will not cry over if I lose it but it would hurt my feelings. I'm still convinced that I can turn a profit on a regular bases in up and down markets, I just have to keep practicing. Below are my current holding as they show in my account at TD Ameritrade.

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