Saturday, August 25, 2012

Diamond - DMND

Now to explain my entry / Exit and now why I want to re-enter.

Once again, I found this lead from Ibankcoin and it was selected by the Fly. I cannot take any credit in finding this stock, nor did I follow his entry and exit. I have my own rules, but he and his team are trained professionals and I'm still a dweeb learning the craft / discpline. If I read everthing correctly, Fly and his group purchased while the last consolidation started to break uphill, prior to my Count back line GREEN line that is one of my signals to buy. The second thing thing I would need to see is the downtrend line broken. Lastly is the price closing above the 50 day moving average in light blue. 

The Fly and Ibankcoin traders were selling their positions where I marked it, " I read about it here", and this is where I finally felt comfortable buying. So I was way behind their entrys and exits. The next day I purchased DMND at $20.36 and set a stoploss order @ $19.49 just in case I was terribly wrong. My position lasted just 24 hours and I was bounced out for a 6% loss. I think my stoploss was a little tight, but my tolerance, so my stoploss. I have enough problems with discipline now, to start worrying about stoploss being to tight. Now to part 2.

So seeing that DMND is now making higher highs and higher lows, I should have never set my stoploss so close and I should still own this stock. So come Monday as long as the markets are not tanking, I will likely re-purchase DMND and set my stop loss per the chart above. The last two trades that I used information from IBankCoin made me $132. Just another $227 to go in profit and I will join their membership. I feel if I'm reading and learning from their site then I should at least pay them for the services they provide. I guess you could say why not ride it for free? Well, I want to learn more so I can do this for me when I retire. I'm a big fan of ChessNwine on the same page, so I recommend reading. 

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