Sunday, September 2, 2012

A few more stocks to watch next week.


Deck has met all the rules for a buy, but right now it consolidating price. If price breaks closes above $49.94, then I would buy this again. Notes on the chart.


I currently have a position in DMND. If price can create a higher pivot low above $18.50, I would buy again. Personally I cannot re-purchase this stock until it gets above my original purchase point, which is marked by a green dotted line, because I will buy more of a stock until it becomes a winner. I’m currently 5% down in this stock, but it still looks good to today.


EXK is sitting at the opening gate and ready for takeoff. With that said it has pullback below the red downtrend several times, so wait for it, do not jump until price tells you to. Stoploss and Max Chase is also marked on the chart.


HD is a classic Bull Flag and I would buy on the breakout to upside. If she falls out of the bottom, lookout below.


LVS is looking like it might fall into the failed breakout category, but it still has time to create a higher pivot low. If you own, make sure your stoploss is honored.


UA another classic Bullflag.

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