Friday, August 31, 2012

Best month YTD !!

It's not often when I'm dealing with buying and selling indiviual stocks that I can sing something good is happening, but August was my best month of the year. My liitle account is not worth much at the moment, but it is growing monthly because I'm feeding it new monies. When I paid cash for that car last March, it kind of drained my trading funds. This month I made $400 to put in my pocket which is good by my standards. I know the guys who do this for a living and trade big bucks, this is chump change, but I do this now educating myself for the next phase in my life when I retire. So yearly, I'm down $849 which is a little depressing, but nothing I cannot overcome. I'm self taught via books, internet, and following the reading of some traders online. 

One more note. I may be down year to date trading individual stocks, but my retirement account is up over 13% for the year. I monitor that as close if not closer than my stock trading. Yes, I move money in an out of different funds throughout the year and this year I have made 8 moves. 

My current stock positions are DMND, FBHS, LULU, MDAS, and PLCM. I'm up on 2 out of 5 currently and the only back breaker at the moment is DMND. I'm currently down 5.8% if I was to close this position right now. My stoploss on the stock is $18.50 and current price is $19.67. Overall the current movement in the stock is sideways and still meets all my requirements, so I will continue to hold this. PLCM looks a little shakey at this time, but I still like it. All other positions look good and I will hold them all over the weekend. 

No trading Monday in the US because of Labor Day Holiday, so Tuesday we get back at it. My current watch list and holdings are below.

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