Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weekly Stock report, 3/15/13

Well I made some moves this week and it cost me my small profit that I had going into the week. I only had a $48 profit for the year going into the week so it would not have taken much to put me below water. AN, was turning against me and even though it never gave me an official sell signal, the trend looked bad. At the same time my purchase in RWT was on such a nice roll, that when I sold AN, I put that money directly into RWT and now it is my largest position. I also sold KORS when it fell below my CBL stop loss. So, a $10 loss on KORS and $92 loss on AN has put me back in my familiar territory.

Ok, below will be a chart for every position I own and notes will be on the charts. Also below will be my current numbers for the year.

YTD profit = ($56.51) –.31%

Unrealized profit = $1045.27 = 5.45%




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