Monday, March 25, 2013

AAPl is almost there.

Apple is almost ready to fire a full buy signal by crossing and holding every level marketed on the chart. First it broke up out of a Bear flag which goes against the norm. Second it broke up through the downtrend line. Third, it broke up through my CBL line and held it. Now it just crossed the 50 day simple moving average but I would like to see it close above the 50 exponential average and hold it. Today that level is $464.48 and current price is $462.75. So I'll wait for the close above the 50 exponential and then follow through the next day and maybe put a buy order on Apple. Another bonus, it's acting good in all this turmoil the last few weeks in the markets.
My son found MMS above and today even though the markets were down, this stock was up. This looks to be another great buy and I wish I would have started a position today. Might have to start accumalating cash.

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