Saturday, March 9, 2013

Current positions and my review.

I should start doing this every week but time restraints sometimes put a kink in what I want to do. Tonight, I have the time. My current portfolio cost is 16,035.00 including the buy commission. Current unrealized profit is $741, which gives me a 4.62% gain after selling commission. Actual profit realized for 2013 YTD = $46.28. Lot’s of work for that small amount but it is part of my education and right now my education paid me. One more note, my first two sells this year I carried over from 2012 and that put me behind to start the year. Since those 2 sales, I have sold 6 stocks in a row for wins!!!


This past week AN broke the CBL line to the upside and I took the signal and jumped in, 3/8/13. Since that point, price has faded a bit but not below any of my important points. I put a lot of weight in the 50 day moving average and price is still holding above this but there are issues. The uptrend line and CBl are both below the 50 day moving average and this is what I hate about stock buying. To me this is the worst part. Buying and then waiting/hoping that the stock goes up enough to just cover my commission. So the first few days and weeks are always the most painful because I hate selling anything for a loss. Ok, rules are rules, if all 3 fall, I will sell, lick my wounds and move on. I like the bottom line numbers on the stock so let’s hope that it hasn’t fallen out of favor yet. Holding until $43.03 is broken on the downside. Currently down 3.21%.



CBICBI is also a new position as of 3/6/13. There is nothing to say here except I here for the ride and I would like to see three more days to the upside and my CBL should be in the money. I like it when my sell line is above cost. Currently up 2.62%






CSE is another new position that I bought this week, 3/8/13. Volume looks solid but that rising channel will not likely hold up much longer. 3 more up days should put my CBL in the money, so I will hope for that. Look at the chart and it is easy to see I’m in for the ride. No thinking here. Currently down .35%





Deck I bought and sold for profit. When earnings came out, I sold and in hind sight I should have held the position. But I made my mind up that I was going to sell it and I did. Then a ratings firm set a target price of $65 and price started to climb. I made the decision to get back in 3/5/13 and now it looks like volume is trailing off and I do not like that. Ok, so now we will watch all the important levels, CBL, trend, and 50's and if the break, I will be forced to sell and give back my profit. Not to concerned at this moment in time. Currently up .63%.




FBHSFBHS I have owned since 2/1/13 and this is the second time I’ve owned this stock in 4 months. Not sure why I sold it last time because I made no notes. Everything here looks good for a long term hold and it is a slow and steady climb. I do not think volume really matters here at the moment because price has been climbing steady and volume has been all over the place. Currently up 7.83%





GWR is my best holding at the moment and I purchased this stock October 16th, 2012. I would still be a buyer here because everything is still working. Volume doesn’t seem to matter. CBL, uptrend and 50’s are all good. Currently up 27.78%






KORS I have owned since October 2012 and it has been a roller coaster. Bottom line, this company is making money hand over foot, but that doesn’t matter unless the stock price goes up. I do not care how great a company is, if it falls out of favor, you will lose money. Take a look at Apple. I think this week that price is going to have to reverse or my sell signals are going to fire and I will have to close the position. Currently up 4.05%





PCL was bought this week, 3/5/13 when it broke out of a bull flag. I didn’t do it with a volume increase, so I may be in trouble. Not that it always matters, but it does help to stack the cards in your favor. Price is still safe above my CBL, Trend line, and 50 day ma. Not to concerned here. Currently down 1.43%

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