Sunday, March 31, 2013

Current holding update, 3/31/13

This is an exercise for me to ensure that I do not hold a stock for any reason other than to make me money.


BV down 11%. Portfolio risk 1%


CBI up 11.81%. See no reason to sell, just chase with CBL.


Deck up 6.5% and see no reason to sell. Chase with a CBL. Target price $100 a share via Jefferies.


FBHS up 12% and appears to be consolidating at this moment. No reason yet to sell. Even CBL safe.


GWR up 29% and it did threaten a sell recently, but appears to be reversing to the trend. Still my biggest winner and longest hold at 166 days.


PCL is just ripping and I’m just chasing with the CBL. Up 4.5%


RWT up 4.8%. I thought this was going to get stopped out but RWT has made a nice reverse creating a higher pivot low.


SCI up 1.89% and slowly marching higher. Just chasing with a CBL.

My unrealized gain at this moment is 7.57% and YTD gain is a loss of .26% or $56. I sold CI and CSE because they were going sideways and I needed the cash to put into a winner, DECK. Right all stoploss CBL’s are safe. All uptrend lines and 50 day ma’s are safe. Almost scary!

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