Saturday, February 16, 2013

Position update as of 2/15/13

I’m going to try and keep up with updating this blog at least weekly on my positions. I will also try to put some buys and shorts on here as time permits. Most that follow me know that I do a retirement blog, so finding the extra time is sometimes hard, so let’s get this going. Just a little note, DECK and SWHC are the only 2 stocks I have left to report earnings this quarter.

SWHC – Smith and Wesson finally turned into a green position for me and even though it is unrealized gain, it has been hard to hold this position because it is a gun manufacture. There is a lot of negative press right now but honestly, I‘ve lived here in the United States and I do not believe there is a chance in hell that control will ever take place. It’s just the same news over and over again and I do not know if big money will ever lose the battle in DC. Earning report for SWHC March 5th and I expect this stock to rocket on that report. Currently up 2% and everything on the chart currently looks awesome.

GWR – Genesee & Wyoming Rail reported earnings this week to no real big surprises but it was enough to roll the stock forward. I think that this is going to a very nice long term hold. Still my largest winner, unrealized, at 24%.

KORS – Michael Kors came in this week with some ass kicking earnings and forward looking reports. Last consensus that I say called for this stock to reach $67 soon and after this weeks pop to $63, we are almost there. KORS is my second best holding now at 14%. Not sure if I would buy this tomorrow if I were shopping KORS, but if I were in, I would hold it. A little consolidation here would be healthy.

CI – Cigna Corp had a pretty flat week and is no in the 3rd bull flag in many weeks. Friday price actually closed just a little bit below the flag, so Monday is going to interesting. This is another stock where a little pullback and or consolidation might be very healthy for the stock.

GS – Goldman Sacks just seems to on an unstoppable rise. Ex-Dividend date is 2/26/13 and I would expect price to rise through that date but after that who knows. I will at least hold through that point and get that free money. I believe it is about .50 cents a share. Buy GS right here might be risky.

FBHS – Fortune Brands Home hit an all time high Wednesday and then Thursday and Friday gave some back. Since this stock is in the Home sector, I think it has a lot of room to run. I think I would consider buying more once this little pullback is done.

DECK – Is my newest stock and I have owned this stock several times. To me, this was firing all kinds of long term buys by crossing over the 50 day and 200 day moving averages. I had reservation about buying this stock before the 2/28/12 earnings report, but I just loved the chart. Since I bought the stock at $44.92 it has laddered down everyday. I’m still safe because price is above short term uptrend and my CBL, but it is looking a little grim. Hopefully this will reverse next week or I will pull the trigger and bailout. Discipline.

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