Thursday, February 21, 2013

Part 2, what I should have sold too!!


Tomorrow by the rules I should be selling Deck if she goes sideways or down. Unless it gets to painful, I will hold until the 28th and see if I can milk a pop.


Same goes here, I should sell it tomorrow unless it recaptures the CBL line. I do not believe that will happen but this is my current favorite stock and I have room. I really would like to see a pivot low created above the last and I will buy more. I think this stock continues to rise the rest of 2013.


Smith and Wesson and I have a long history together and I have rarely been in the green. I have read over and over again that guns are flying off the shelf and think the earning report is going to be a blowout to the upside. I will hold this through earnings and I will not be adding anymore to this position. I have made the decision that no matter what, I sell this bad boy on earnings day rain or shine no matter the outcome. I guess you could say this is my gamble.

I also own GRW and FBHS and the CBL’s did not fire today even though they were so close we were talking pennies. I love the massive pullbacks that take all my profits away that I patiently waited weeks to gain. The most important thing to note is this, it is never a profit until you sell it, so it was never a profit. Smile

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