Sunday, January 1, 2012

Some passed calls and how they are doing today.

Monday’s picks from December 17th, FMER, HD, and MRK, are still working even though all three are in Bull Flags and under a closer watch. FMER has gone from $14.59 to $15.13 a 3.7% gain. HD has gone from $40.42 to $42.04 a 4% gain. Lastly the only one that I couldn’t buy at the time because I had no cash, was MRK. MRK has moved from $36.25 to $37.70 a 4% gain. All 3 stocks are still working, but are in Bull Flags with stop loss orders on all except MRK which I do not own.

The two post prior to this post there are 13 stocks in Bull Flags ready to go in one direction or the other. If the break up, then they are buys. If they consolidate and stay in the flag, then we do nothing and watch. If they break down, then we have the option to do nothing or short the stock. But until something happens, we do nothing and just watch.

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