Saturday, December 31, 2011

Some setups on the stocks that I’m watching.

First is AAPL. This is a watch and you would wait until it breaks out of the Bull Flag or creates a pivot low.


Chevron is also forming a Bull Flag and just like Apple above, wait for the breakout. I currently own Chevron.


I like Ford but we have a down trend and up trend that will collide soon. A break in one direction or other should happen soon. Price is also below the 200 day moving average which makes this trade a little risky. I would also have to see a price break above the last pivot high before I invested in Ford.


First Merit is a slow grinding stock but it is working on another Bull Flag and worth watching. I currently own this stock.


GE current uptrend is a little steep so I would think that it would have to slow or consolidate for awhile, but a bull flag is forming, so I will play it if there is a breakout up.


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