Sunday, December 4, 2011

My CAT adventures to date.


Never ever just buy a stock without at least sizing it up and using a type of plan for entry. I got a little lazy, saw the uptrend and just bought it.  As you can see with CAT, I just pulled the trigger(1), then set a stop loss to manage risk and I got bumped out(2). After that happened I purchased at point 3 off a pivot low and rode that until I got stopped out(4) because it violated the Pivot Low at (2). At least I had a plan and not just pulling the trigger. So once CAT created another pivot low and jumped back in again(5) and set my stop loss just below the last pivot. CAT is currently doing well but has hit resistance at $98 and if she can get through that, I might just have a nice little run to $112. That will be the next resistance level. I’m so tempting to move that stop loss order up to my cost, but for now I will wait. Current profit in CAT is 5.47%

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