Saturday, December 17, 2011

Let look at last Monday’s buy and sells

Let’s start with Under Armor (UA). Opened up $80.99 and slid downhill from that moment on. It never met the requirement of $82.64 or above, so it was a no go and no money lost. I got bumped out for a $11.94 loss.

Questcor Phram (QCOR) had large swing on Monday, but by 1pm, so had your door to entry when it pushed back through $43.33. Stoploss should be between $41.50 – $41.75 and you should have a small gain because it sits at $43.89.

Kodiak Oil (KOG) never gave you chance to enter Monday and once it didn’t all bets were off. You should have never purchased this. Even though I put my Good till Cancel order on it, I paid the price buy having my fire off on Tuesday and I got in and out same day for a $82.16 loss. What an idiot for not cancelling that order Monday night. Stick to your rules and dumb things like that will not happen. No follow though the day after pivot is a good sign that wasn’t meant to be. Doh!

This leaves us Apple (AAPL), we may have gotten burned on this one. For the first 30 minutes the stock the stock stayed above $390, then floated down and then back above by the end of the day. Ok, you should have bought here and set stoploss at $385. Tuesday things turned ugly toward the end of the day and then the rest of the week, got worse. You should have gotten bounced out Wednesday, so this was not a winner. To make matters worse, AAPL created a lower pivot high and now it is back on the watch list and not a buy at all.

Caterpillar (CAT) never even got close to $98.20, so it to was no go.

So in conclusion, 3 out of 5 were a no go and 2 actually fired a go. AAPL failed, but as of right now you should still be holding QCOR with a small gain. So as long as you were disciplined, not much harm was done and should be about even considering your still holding QCOR.

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