Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 ending trade numbers


Trading stocks long and short have been my greatest challenge. I’m still trying to find my spot and what I’m good at when it comes to individual stocks. When it comes to trading an index or ETF, I think I got a pretty good handle on that as you can  monitor on my TSP blog. The reason is simple and that is because indexes and ETF’s are made up of multiple stocks, so they rise and fall more slowly. An individual can move so fast that trend traders, like myself can be abused in choppy markets. So once again I will take 2012 as a lesson and see if in 2013 I can turn a corner and make a profit.

I never claimed to be good at stock trading and this is my goal to become a consistent profit maker even if it’s 1% or greater.

Current stocks: PDLI, GWR, KORS, EXK, VHC, SWHC. Currently 1 stock up, 5 down. Smile

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